RCMP Class Action Settlement Website


  1. Assessor’s Report (English)
  2. Assessor’s Report (French)
  3. Settlement Approval Reasons
  4. Certification Reasons
  5. Final Settlement Agreement
  6. Overall Notice Plan
  7. Notice Of Certification And Settlement Approval Hearing
  8. Notice Of Settlement Approval
  9. Letters To Class Members By Direct Mail
  10. Claims Process
  11. Claim Form
  12. Consent To Disclosure Of Information
  13. Request For Deadline Extension
  14. Class Member List And Verification Of Class Membership
  15. Identification Of Previous Claims
  16. Compensation Levels
  17. Compensation Amounts
  18. Request For Reconsideration Of A Level 2 Claim
  19. Certification Of No Prior Compensation
  20. Travel Expense Claim
  21. Release Of Documents And Information Held By The RCMP To The Assessor
  22. Secondary Class Member Claims
  23. Secondary Class Member Claim Form (Not Yet Finalized)
  24. RCMP Designated Contact And Claims Support Process
  25. Change Initiatives
  26. Joint Communications Plan
  27. No Retaliation Directive
  28. Opt Out Form